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Sophomore Resources

Roller Coaster Integrated Project

Sophomores integrate their learning from Algebra, Physics, Engineering, Biomedicine, History, English, and Spanish to construct, present, and provide a grade defense for their roller coasters.

10th Grade Outcomes

Algebra II Big Ideas

> Videos

1. Choose your Program "Common Core High School"

2. Select Book  Algebra 2

3. Choose Chapter and Section

Algebra II Big Ideas Textbook Online

> Log In to Clever...

1. Using your student ID and your 6-digit birthday (you can use the link above also)

2. Select Big Ideas

3. Use the Resources Tab to find the online textbook


Khan Academy

Please use your professional email (

If you have two or more accounts, only one can be associated with this email.  That is the account you want to link to your College Board Account.

Your "Real Name" should be

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